Facebook 3.11.2022:

Sanon tuulivoimalle ei kiitos, ellei näitä tuhoisia vaikutuksia lintu-, lepakko- ja hyönteiskannoille osoiteta paikkansapitämättömiksi:

”After all, wind energy has emerged as one of the greatest threats to endangered bird and bat species, as well as insect populations, around the world.”

”Researchers calculated in 2001 that the build-up of dead insects on wind turbine blades can reduce the electricity they generate by 50%.”

”And wind turbines may be killing insects during a “critical, vulnerable period” because “a strong lever action is applied on total insect population by killing a mature insect during migration just before breeding, as hundreds of potential successors from the next generation will be destroyed.”

”Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg, for their part, continue to promote industrial scale wind farms, even though they require around 400 times more land than do nuclear power plants, which have never threatened any endangered species.”